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The Best Use of AI for Online Marketing

If you’re one of the millions of marketers who are either new to understanding artificial intelligence (AI) or who have even dabbled in it, but aren’t quite sure what the best ways to use it in your business are, I’m about to tell you.

This is a technology that barreled into the industry seemingly overnight, even though it was years in the making. Immediately, it divided marketers into three camps – those who dove headfirst into using it without a second thought, those who said they’d never use it, and the middle ground people who said, “Let me sit back and take my time learning what this is all about before I embrace it.”

The latter are the ones who were the wisest because some of the people who began using it without a second thought sabotaged their business. There were accounts shut down and sloppy publishing occurring without careful analysis that ruined the reputation of some people.

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time for you to get on board and see just how powerful this tool can be in helping you serve your customers, beat the competition, and scale your business at an incredible pace that’s never been seen before.

There are four ways in which AI has reimagined the marketing landscape online. You’re going to see the quality of your deliverables improve, the speed with which you complete tasks soar, the coverage you’re capable of getting increasing and the care with which you can meet the needs of your customers heightened.

Quality Enhancements for Your Business

Regardless of how good you are at your job as an online entrepreneur, none of us is perfect. You, along with everyone else, have areas you can always improve in. AI is the secret ingredient that can help you finally achieve success.

When you think about your online business, quality is something that can set you apart from competitors. You may have purchased courses or private label rights (PLR) content, and find yourself very disappointed when the quality is low.

Or even if you see a post on social media, download a lead magnet or agree to get emails from someone and the quality is suffering, it makes you feel annoyed that you wasted time and the person communicating to you didn’t make an effort to ensure their content shined.

AI is a tool that can improve the quality of what you’re doing in many ways. First of all, it can tailor content and products to a specific demographic because it has a wider view of their precise needs than you.

You might know some of what your target audience is looking for, but there’s no way you can search entire databases online and absorb information, spot patterns and analyze behaviours and opinions.

AI can. It can do it in seconds, delivering information that greatly improves the quality of content for your buyers because you’re not delivering something highly relevant to their needs.

It can also help you improve quality by understanding more in-depth information about the niche you’re in. Even if you have a degree in a topic, there is always more to learn – and new information developing that’s harder for a human than it is for AI to gather, learn and use.

The quality of your sales letters and email autoresponders will improve, not only making readers feel as if it’s been tailored and personalized for them but also making it easier for them to convert and take action in a way that you want them to.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, the quality of your reviews will improve because AI knows what consumers are looking for in terms of specifications that determine whether or not they’re going to buy something.

From now on, through the use of AI to help develop content and strategies that better serve your audience, they’re going to view you as one of the most competent, attentive niche leaders – all because you let AI polish your approach.

You can do this by getting it to generate innovative or unique ideas for you, by prompting it to create comprehensive outlines to ensure nothing is missed, by allowing it to review work you’ve done to improve upon it, or by giving you an A/B split test version to bring your strategy to new heights.

AI for online marketing

Speed Up Your Efficiency Daily

One of the common sayings in marketing and the law of attraction for wealth is money loves speed. This is a premise that defines how fast action taken in your business results in faster and more abundant income.

But you’re only as fast as humanly possible. That’s where AI can outperform you time and time again. You have so many tasks in your daily routine that eat away at your time. These include things like research, brainstorming, content development, strategic decision-making, and more.

If you have to sit there and think of ideas for your blog post, email autoresponder, and social media posts across multiple platforms, it’s going to take you a while. But prompt AI for ideas for your niche for each of those items and it can deliver innovative concepts in seconds flat.

You don’t have to use everything as is – you can use it as a springboard. You can even prompt it for a comprehensive mindmap of your niche topic. For example, you might prompt it like this: “Create a comprehensive mindmap showing me the subtopics for SEO. Be in-depth.”

It can give you a comprehensive outline or you can ask it to create a graphic image you can glance at instead. If you need an outline for content, instead of taking an hour to carefully research and brainstorm ideas for it, AI can either add to one you create off the top of your head or you can have it create a basic one that you can add to.

If you need an entire info product – something that might take days, if not weeks to put together, AI can do it in a single sitting. You can have it brainstorm a product idea, outline it, and not only write it – but also put together the sales page and JV (joint venture) for you so that you can launch the next day.

AI can help with research, scouring huge databases quickly and easily to cherry-pick the information you want. You don’t have to log into each social media account or forum and try to engage in some social listening – because it can do it for you, faster.

Companies have entire teams dedicated to research and development, but with AI – you don’t need anyone else. You can have AI analyze market data and develop a strategy for you to move forward with instantly.

There are many times when you need to have tasks handled quickly. Take paid advertising, for example. You might notice conversions are not going well, and AI can instantly analyze the campaign and offer suggestions you can implement right away to get things on track so you’re not wasting money.

Maximize Your Coverage Across All Platforms

Coverage expansion is difficult when you’re a one-man (or woman) show. Being a solo entrepreneur means your day is filled to the brim with a hefty to-do list, and trying to create a presence where you’re publishing everywhere at once is nearly impossible.

Still, if you want to remain competitive, you need to be capable of doing that. This is why so many people originally began purchasing private label rights content. It allowed them to enjoy a shortcut to publish on their blog and elsewhere simultaneously.

When you consider what coverage really means, it involves much more than just taking a finished piece and publishing it somewhere. In order to get the best results, you need to tailor your content for each audience.

The audience on YouTube is different from that on TikTok, even though they’re both into video content. They like different trends and themes, and even different lengths of videos to watch.

You can have AI to research everything – giving you insight about where your audience is most active, what kind of content on each platform gets the best engagement, etc. Then you can have it create a plan of maximum coverage for you.

For example, you might prompt it like this: “For the [topic] niche, analyze the best social media platforms for me to post on and make a week-long content plan for each, telling me the topic, media format and specifications, time and frequency.”

Or, you might tell AI something like this: “Create a pillar blog post about [niche topic].” Then, “Take the pillar blog post above that you created and turn it into: [an infographic for Pinterest, a social quote poster for Instagram, a succinct Facebook post, a script for a podcast, a script and storyboard for a 10-minute YouTube video or 60-second TikTok video].”

You’ll then be able to use a tool like Hootsuite to queue everything up to go live on the corresponding platform so that your message goes out uniformly. AI has repurposed the single piece for you and given you far more coverage and reach than you would have had on your own.

You can also have AI help you extend your coverage by making a collaborative plan for you to use in approaching and working with influencers on various social media platforms.

And it even works if you need coverage on various paid ad platforms, like Google, Bing, Facebook, or elsewhere. You can have it help you with strategy and creative campaigns that get the right kind of engagement while optimizing your budget.

Heighten the Level of Care You Show Your Customers

Last, but not least, marketers can easily feel burdened and burned out by customer service issues. Even common questions asked by dozens or hundreds of people can keep you from doing the work that moves you forward.

With AI by your side, you can employ the use of a chatbot that answers these inquiries on your behalf, night and day – giving the answers you provide for it to work with. Anything that needs additional help, it can be sent your way as a priority to handle, but it filters out the majority of lesser-urgent requests.

Customer service can also be handled better by AI if you are dealing with a customer who is rude and you inherently want to act defensively and lash out. Have AI craft your response in a friendly, professional manner so that cooler heads prevail.

AI doesn’t get drawn into the emotional drama that a human does. It can conduct a sentiment analysis to see what your visitor is feeling and then address their needs in a better way to make sure they’re satisfied.

As your AI tool begins to learn more about your customer base, it can suggest tweaks in your business that head off any problems and strengthen your brand to minimize issues in the future.

Whenever you create content – emails, blog posts, etc. – AI is going to make sure you’re on the right track and have covered everything in a way that your audience is looking for.

This leaves customers happy at the end of any type of exchange or transaction. These are the above-and-beyond benefits to your business that AI brings to the table, allowing you to thrive online and serve the needs of your customers well.

Is AI a necessity in online marketing? Of course not. But be aware that your competitors will be using it – to conduct a competitive analysis, to better understand the same target audience, and to elevate them to a place where they’re deemed to be one of the best niche leaders online.

If you choose to ignore AI entirely, you will likely not have the same type of speed and comprehensive approach that allows you to tailor your communications to individual, segmented audiences because you’ll be too busy being mired in drudge work to go the extra mile.

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